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    Potential candidates, it seems, do not need much convincing. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that last year more than 385,000 lipo procedures were performed in the United States, up 188 percent from 1997. Stanley Frileck, M.D., clinical associate professor at UCLA and the medical director at L.A.’s Ona Spa (where one can receive a consultation for a face-lift after a relaxing steam bath), counts rail-thin models and celebrities among his pilosuction clientele. “Think of an actress who is going up for an award and is planning to wear a certain dress but has small amounts of fat in the outer thighs that make it fall in an unflattering manner, or the runway model who can’t get into a jersey gown because she has two little collections of fat in her flank area,” he says. Difficult to imagine, but he insists these creatures exist and visit his office in droves.

    - Addicated to Lipo, VOGUE October 2002

    Dr. Stanley Frileck performs surgery on Hollywood stars in utmost secrecy. It is impossible to get the least bit of info on what was done to whom. Contrary to many of his colleagues, S.F. fervently advocates “natural surgery.” He performs surgical procedures which beautify the face or the body without drastically altering one’s features. His other specialty is to perform miracle repairs on other surgeons’ mistakes. Of course, all this does not come cheap and what a price it is! It’s enough to make our French surgeons grow pale with envy. It’s simple. A face lift is $30,000. Even though the dollar is quite low these days, this equals 200,000 FFR (for such a large sum, we do prefer to speak in our old francs)! A thigh liposuction is $15,000, a little less than 100,000 FFR! For these fees, no fewer than 10 assistants attending to one’s every need, while being operated on by the star of surgeons in Los Angeles. The procedures are done within the private surgical facility attached to the medical office. There is nothing more chic. In any case, hospitals have such a bad reputation that no one wants to go there anymore.

    Surgeon to the Stars – Vogue Paris November 2002

    Want to find the best plastic surgeon? The old adage still applies: Only your hairdresser really knows for sure. After all, he sees the work up close. And he talks.

    Laurent D, hairdresser, on Stanley Frileck: “Frileck fixes a lot of surgery mistakes done by others. He does beautiful faces, and you never see his scars.”

    Snip and Tell – W October 1999

    There is an adage that goes, “When the student is ready, the teach appears.” One day, a friend mentioned Stanley P. Frileck, M.D., a doctor known and respected for doing reconstructive surgery. His office, it turned out, was a 10-minute walk from home.

    I trusted him the second he came into the room. He said to me, “Your nose doesn’t fit your face.” Thank God, I thought. FInally. He listened intently as I described what I wanted. “You’ve been looking at your nose and seeing mistakes and regrets,” he told me. “You need to take all that history, shove it in a drawer, lock it and toss away the key.” He’s right, I though as I walked home. It was time to step away from my past plastic surgery mistakes and all the self-recriminations.

    I could say that I wish I had met Dr. Frileck 18 years ago thereby sparing myself all the distress I went through (not to mention the expense). I could say that, but it wouldn’t be true. I’ve learned important lessons about taking charge of what I want, about letting go of the past, about listening to my instincts.

    “I had 5 Nose Jobs” – Patti Davis – Glamour March 2004

    I (Kari Wuhrer) just met with Dr. Stanley Frileck, my new doctor, who is going to take out my implants. After my breast encapsulated, the who who downsized me said he could take out the hardened scar tissue in my right creast and leave in the implants. He did admit there was a 50 percent chance that my breast would reencapsulate, but he reiterated that is I took the implants our completely, I might regret it. I needed a second opinion – I knew what I wanted, and that doctor wasn’t helping me. That’s when a friend told me about Dr. Frileck. I went to his office for a consultation and immediately felt comfortable with him. We scheduled the operation to remove my implants for April 24,

    A Hollywood Actress’s Intimate Diary “Why I Took Out My Breast Implants”
    - Glamour September 2002

    Not all celebs choose to sweat their way to bodily perfection in the gym. Some visit the world’s best surgeons, men like Stanley Frileck. His clinic in Brentwood, LA has a private back-door entrance to guard the identity of star clients.

    “As early as December or January we do full-face restoration,” says Dr. Frileck. The cost: a cool $36,000. “Some celebrities come in two weeks before the awards and I can have them looking pretty good if I’m just doing a little lip plumping,” he says … Most popular is microlipo. “If somebody is thin but they’ve got a slinky gown which shows the little roll around their flanks and hips, I can buff that out with a little micro-liposuction. It takes about ab hour and cost about $4000. It’s more like a puncture than an incision,” says Dr, Frileck. “I developed it so nothing would show.”

    Starmakers “And I’d Like to Thank…” – Mirror London March 22, 2003

    1. A very good publicist ($3,500 a month)
    2. Subscription to Daily Variety ($259 a year)
    3. Membership to Sports Club L.A. ($145 a month)
    4. Personal assistant ($60,000 a year)
    5. Microliposuction by Dr. Stanley Frileck ($2,000)
    6. House in the Malibu colony ($3 Million)
    7. Mercedes-Benz SL500 with GPS system ($85,000)

    100 Things Actors Buy Once They’ve Made It – Movieline June 2002

    Indeed, for surgeons who cater to today’s stars, the most frequent request – and the greatest challenge (think Joan Rivers), but to safeguard an asset. They want to preserve a face or a body familiar to millions of people,” says L.A. plastic surgeon Dr, Stanley Frileck, “not alter it.”

    “Facing Off Over Plastic Surgery” – People October 18, 2004

    When 35-year-old Kelley Young of Fresno, Calif,. looks at her wedding photos, all she can see is her plastic surgery disaster: Young’s nose is bent to one side, and its tip is misshapen. “Those photos just look ugly, ugly all over,” she says. Later, when Young went back to her doctor for a fix, he tried snapping her nose back into place-without anesthetic. A year laster she finally found a competent plastic surgeon to fix the problem.

    Young is hardly alone. In fact, she’s part of a new growth area in the field: fixing botched cosmetic procedures. According to a survey by the American Academy of Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, one in five nose jobs are corrections of a failed procedure. Stanley Frileck, an associate clinical professor of plastic surgery at UCLA, says that 35 percent of his work is fixing the mistakes of other surgeons. Botched rhinoplasty, face-lifts and eyebrow procedures are the most common. Not only are these repairs more complex than the initial surgery, but they can cost up to three time as much, Frileck says – and the result is never quit as good as a well-done procedure would have been in the first place.

    10 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Won’t Tell You – Smart Money May 2007

    A nationwide survey conducted for America Online (AOL), by the prestigious Castle Connelly Medical Ltd., has listed Dr, Stanley Frileck as a top ranked plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, the world’s Plastic Surgery mecca.

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